Getting a Grant: The Short Version

If you,re a minority or a woman, and particularly if you,re a woman of color, if you develop the right skills to find minority business grants and the ability to write a good grant proposal, it is indeed possible that you can find minority small business grants or government grants for minority education to help you start your new business or pursue further educational opportunities.

The first place to look for government grants is not a pay service, a book advertised on TV, or a website offering you free money. As with most things, these can be assumed to be a scam. You should begin your search for government funs for minority business grants or educational opportunities at http://www.grants.gov. You should also spend some time the Minority Business Development Agency further exploring government grants for minority small businesses at http://www.mbda.gov/. This site will provide you with both minority business grant opportunities and much valuable information on starting your new minority owned business.

If you are looking for a government grant for minority education or a private grant for minority education, please take a look at http://www.mcca.com/scholarships.htm. You may find what you need in their resource list. Many private and government grants for minority men and women are available for furthering education, both on the graduate and undergraduate level.

How to Begin the Grant Proposal Process

First, choose a grant that is appropriate for you. Minority business and education grants may have a variety of requirements, including criteria like race, gender, location, even whether you are the first in your family to attend college. Before applying for a grant, make sure that you fit its criteria. Women, members of smaller racial minorities, and those from particularly disadvantaged pasts may find the most grant opportunities. You may also find that more minority business grant opportunities are available in certain regions, or for technological fields. Do your homework regarding the potential funding sources to choose those that mesh well with your own goals.

Grant writing is, in and of itself, a bit challenging. Consider visiting http://www.grantproposal.com/ for helpful tips. Be conscientious during the grant proposal writing process that you follow all steps and requirements set out in the grant application for your minority small business grant. Provide any and all required documentation with your application. Consider having a friend, teacher, or co-worker review your application prior to sending it off to double check for accuracy. While these tips may be basic, any flaw in the application will often lead to the trash heap, so accurate and thorough applications are a critical first step in the grant process.

If you are applying for a grant on a local level and have the chance to meet with those responsible for awarding the minority small business grants you have applied for, do treat any meetings as you would a job interview. Arrive promptly in professional dress. Carry a business plan if you are seeking a minority small business grant, or if it is an educational grant, be clear about your own long term goals. Speak of your goals with potential funders in concrete terms. If you receive the minority small business grant the following will happen, as opposed to what could or might happen. Funders want to see their grants as a valuable investment in the future of a business or individual.

Getting a Grant: the Short Version

Now you know that a minority business grant is an option, and that there are private and government grants for minorities pursuing higher education as well. Find the private and government grants for minority businesses and education that are best suited to you, whether that is a minority small business grant or a government grant for minority women. Have a good and clear business plan that moves your business or yourself to economic independence within a three to five year time span. Be conscientious of any rules and guidelines your funder provides during the application process. Hopefully, with these tips you will find the minority small business grant or minority educational grant you need to move on toward a bright and successful future.

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