Free Grants for Home Repair

Owning a home is an expensive venture. If the mortgage and the cost of homeowner's insurance does not leave you wishing for a second job, the repair bills will. Older homes or those in need of an addition for a growing family can quickly turn into a money pit. As the cost of materials and labor go up, it is becoming increasingly harder for hard working families to find the money for home repair. Fortunately the federal government has set aside money to be used for grants.

Are you in need of free government grants for home repair? These sites can help you.

Federal Money Retriever®

If your not sure where to start your search for free government grants for home repair this site, located at www.fedmoney.com, is a great place to find a list of grants anyone can apply for. Listed based on the amount of money that is given the retriever includes everything from grants to adapt homes for veterans and the disabled to farmers needing to improve their homes. Amounts range from several thousand dollars in available funds to millions of dollars just waiting to be disbursed. Applications as well as information regarding what the grants can be use for can be found via the links.

USA Grant Applications

USA Grant Applications is another great resource for finding which free government grants for home repair that you might be eligible for. Located on the web at www.usagrantapplications.com, USA Grant Applications breaks down grants in to categories including personal needs, business, real estate, and education. Grants for home repair are listed in the personal need section while grants that can be use to help first time home buyers are located in the real estate section. To gain access to a list of possible free government grants for home repair you must register and provide an email address.

Catalogue for Federal Domestic Assistance

The CFDA provides a comprehensive listing of all available grant money for any given year. All free government grants for home repair as well as free grants for homes are listed in the catalogue. The catalogue can be found online at www.cfda.gov. This site was recently redesigned to make finding grants easy for home owners or other grant applicants to find the information they need. If you'd rather view the catalogue in a PDF format you can download that from the site as well.

Why to Apply and What You Get

Grants are a great way to get money for home repairs. There are even free grants for homes available for those who have not yet invested in a home of their own. The great thing about grants is that you're not obligated to pay the money back. Unlike a loan you don't have to worry about getting your payments in on time or qualifying based on your credit score. As long as your application is valid and does not break any of the rules outlined in the grant proposal, getting approved for the money is relatively simple. Depending on how the grant is written my limit the amount of money any person can be give, but in most cases the money awarded is enough to make a few major repairs to your home.

What you get in terms of money varies greatly depending on where the government grant is coming from. Monies could range between a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Apply for as many free government grants as you like, just make sure you aren't negating the grant by applying for other similar programs.

What to Be Aware Of

Locating free government grants for home repair online can be a hassle. There are many websites available offering to give you a list of grants to apply for. The problem with this is that while you can apply for the grant without a fee, you have to pay a fee to the company in order to get the list. Be aware of the fine print when looking for free grants for homes online. Many sites will get you interested and then tell you later you have to pay a fee in order to get the actual list. There's no need to pay the fee when you can get the same information from the federal government for free. Sure you might have to search through some grants you are not eligible for, but that is better than paying a monthly membership fee to their site.

Look out for scam sites. With today's tech savvy Internet users it's easy to create a scam site that looks like the real thing. Do not get fooled by imitators who promise to give you what you need if you pay a small fee but never give you a list of grants you might be able to apply for. Information on possible free government grants for home repair scams can be located online at: www.scammer-alert.gov.

Read the entire grant application before filling it out. Some grants might not be right for your purposes or set limits on what the money can be used for. For instance some federal grants will not allow for outdoor repairs of your home while others will; some do not give allowances for additions and require you to use the money on the existing structure. Other are designed to bring older homes up to code or build ramps to aid the disabled. Everything about the qualifications can be found in the grant proposal or on the application.

Owning a home requires a lot of time and money but knowing there are ways to get free money from the government alleviates some of the stress associated with owning your own home. Do not think you cannot afford to put a new roof on your house or add an addition just because you do not have enough money in the bank you because your credit is less than perfect. A free grant for home and home repair might be exactly what you need to make your dreams of living in the prefect home come true.

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